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SHE Leads is a global community of entrepreneurs and investors helping female startup founders fundraise and grow their businesses. We connect women like you with the human and financial capital you need to succeed. Our focus is on deep-tech and tech-enabled companies, and we are on a mission to increase the proportion of startup money that goes to female founders. With our training, services, and supportive community, we help you take your business to the next level.



If you're a female entrepreneur or investor, She Leads offers the perfect platform for you to network and grow. Our experienced mentor base and successful female founders are passionate about helping others in the startup world realize their goals. Connect with like-minded innovators, access our highly experienced investor network to get the funding your business needs, use social media marketing to rapidly improve brand exposure, and establish new connections that provide potential partnership opportunities.


By joining us today at no cost, you can take advantage of all these opportunities to accelerate your growth and increase your fundraising speed while also avoiding common pitfalls. Take this chance now to join our supportive community of female entrepreneurs and investors committed to helping you succeed!

Our Services

We offer fudraising support, marketing and branding services as well as financial projections and accounting help. 


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